Mission Statement

Recognizing that our world requires men and women who can effectively integrate God's Truth in every area of their lives, "Cedar Hills Baptist Christian School exists to provide a nurturing environment where students can flourish academically, spiritually, socially, and physically and where strong relationships with the family, church, and community can be developed that are based upon God's Word, His love and compassion."

History of CHBCS

Cedar Hills Baptist Christian School was established in 1972 by a church leadership that saw a need to establish an environment for Christ-centered education. Rev. Jim Young was the pastor that encouraged the church body in the funding of a school dedicated to academic excellence and grounded in Christian principles. Mr. Tom McGriff, school board chairman, was an enthusiastic leader who worked to establish a strong organizational foundation for the school to build on. The school opened in August of 1972 with Mr. Dale Young serving as its first principal. The school opened with 250 students in preschool through 7th grade. Mr. John Ferris became the principal in 1973, followed by Mr. Wayne McClain in 1975. Mrs. Sue Andrews served as interim principal from April through June of 1977, when Mr. Gary Brookshire was hired as principal. He continued to serve the school until 1997. Mrs. Judy Pugh took over initially as interim, and then as principal in 1997.

In the ensuing years, enrollment remained strong with excellent academic training pivotal to the success of the school. These years saw a deepening of spiritual commitment as students, staff, parents, and church members established a bond built upon an atmosphere of love and care such as characterized the life of our Lord.

From its inception the school was a member of the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (FACCS) adding membership to the Florida Association of Southern Baptist Schools and the Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools in the 80's. The school is currently a member of FACCS and the Association of Christian Colleges and Schools.

Expansion marked the first part of the 90's. An 8th grade was begun in 1976, only to be discontinued in 1978. It was added again in 1992 and continues to the present. That same year, the school opened a 12 month Extended Day Care Program to provide assistance to working families. In 1989, a Pre-K3 program was introduced to the preschool department. In 1992 the school began a development office. During this same year, major improvements were made to the playground area, thanks to supportive families. The sports program took a leap of faith in 1993, moving from class intramurals to join the Independent Middle School Conference. The Students Overcoming Learning Difficulties (S.O.L.D.) class was started in 1993 and that same year, a parent group, Parents Involved in Education (P.I.E.) was organized. To keep up with rapidly changing technology, a computer lab was added to the school curriculum in 1994. To enhance the teaching of Christian principles and keeping the excellent academic training foremost, the ABEKA curriculum was fully integrated throughout the school during 1994 as well.

Mrs. Pugh served the school faithfully until August of 2017, when she went home to be with the Lord. Pastor Jerry Rowell assumed the position in the interim, and Mr. John Marshman was hired to lead the school heading into its 47th year.

The vision of our school includes the building of strong relationships with the family, church and community based upon God's Word, His love and compassion. We have been rewarded with outstanding support in this area, continuing the accomplishments of those who saw the positive impact C.H.B.C.S. would have on young lives, and dedicating ourselves to achieving that end as well.

Our commitment as a school is to hold the ideals upon which it was established and to accept the challenge of providing a strong Christian academic education which will positively impact our community, the nation: even the world for Jesus Christ.


Cedar Hills Baptist Christian School is located on the westside of Jacksonville, Florida in the neighborhood of Cedar Hills.

Our campus address is:

4200 Jammes Road

Jacksonville, Florida


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