Academic Information

Cedar Hills Baptist Christian School uses Christian curriculum such as ABEKA and Bob Jones from Preschool through 8th grade. When students graduate from Cedar Hills, they are equipped with the skills that they need to succeed at every level of education and a strong foundation for their adult lives.

Spiritual Growth

We believe that this is one of the most important areas in which our students have the opportunity to grow. Each class has daily Bible lessons, and our teachers incorporate biblical principles throughout all of their instruction. We provide chapel services for our students, and we partner with Cedar Hills Baptist Church to be a spiritual resource for our students and their families.

The Arts

Art and music are integrated into class activities. Weekly art and music enrichment classes are offered for preschool through 5th grade. Our teachers encourage creativity in our students, and work to provide opportunities for our students to express themselves. Due to COVID, we have had to scale back our after-school activities, but we strive to provide after school programs such as Chorus, Hands Team, (a sign language performance group) Drama Team, and Art Club to give our students those creative outlets.

Physical Education and Sports

We believe that physical education is an integral part of the development of our students. Our students have a structured, daily PE class where they learn physical skills and develop teamwork.

Our school is a member of the Jacksonville Christian Athletic League, and we participate in competitive co-ed soccer and boys' and girls' basketball. Our middle school students are given the opportunity to try out for and participate in these teams. Our coaches train our athletes to grow in endurance, physical strength, mental fortitude, and cooperation.

IT and Computer Department

Our school is active in working to integrate technology into the classroom. We want our students to understand the valuable resource that technology is, and how to use it effectively in their education

We also have a computer lab with 20 computers where our students learn how to operate a computer. Our program focuses on learning important computer programs, such as Microsoft Office, and we introduce the basics of coding to our students.


We are a resource available to the school, staff, and on a more limited basis to church members. Our library inventory consists of over 8,500 pieces of material, of which 7,000 are books, 1,000 are videos, and 500 are reference and media equipment. The majority of our material can be checked out during regular library hours. If you plan to drop by, please call ahead since our service hours change during the school year.

- Mrs. Jean Ann Taylor, Librarian

Cedar Hills Baptist Christian School exists to provide a nurturing environment where students can flourish academically, spiritually, socially, and physically and where strong relationships with the family, church, and community can be developed that are based upon God's Word, His love and compassion."

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